Soundbar Speaker with Wireless Subwoofer



Previosly Sold On 10/27/2012 for $129.99


bought this on woot over a month ago. subwoofer went out after 1st day, sent it to boston acoustic, got another refurbished unit that had a flawed control panel, sent that one to boston acoustic, should get my 3rd one on monday. To me it seems they don’t do sufficient testing on their refurbished models. That is my experience.


Basically the same experience here, but I gave up after the first return. The second sub had the same exact issue.


these are new on amazon for $20 more…
doesn’t seem like a great deal to me.


You’d think Amazon and woot would call each other the night before. Or they could walk down the hall and talk. Or they can check the freakin’ Amazon site as mfitch did.


I bought this unit about a month a go from Woot. It had problems from the day I unboxed it and I sent it back to their warranty repair center in NY. Just got it back and it still does not work right. Now I have to return it again. I would not recommend buying.


This thing is a piece of junk. When it’s plugged in and running I pretty much don’t have a WiFi signal in the same half of the house and the subwoofer pops in and out as it’s signal comes and goes. It’s pretty much a constant frequency battle between the wireless router and the soundbar. I even tried buying a new router of different brand and the issues continued. Assigning a channel number manually on the router and going through every combination between the soundbar and router had no luck. Some combinations worked better than others but nothing was 100%.


After reading all the previous comments. I regret purchasing this unit. I was hesitant to purchase refurbished, but I figured Boston Acoustic was a reputable audio company and would have quality products. I’m experiencing the same issues mentioned in previous comments…lost connectivity with subwoofer and digital connection not working. In addition, the item was sent out for repair to a local BA authorized technician, but unfortunately the same issue after 30 to 60 minutes the sub goes out and the digital input doesn’t work. Anyone please advise on returns or other options?!


$129.00 + FS on amazon right now for a new one.


bought one from woot about a month ago. love it. this will be number 2


I bought one of these new over a month ago from a local audio shop and I love it. I use it on my office tv and it really fills the room and for such a small sub it has some omph. If all you want is stereo sound with some decent lows then I highly recommend it.

Haven’t had any issues with the sub popping or losing my Wi-Fi connection like the refurbs seem to be doing. I’d spend the extra $20 and get it new on amazon.


Looks like Woot has a dog of a deal on this one!


Total piece of s$%&. Dead out of the box from the day I bought it, and Boston Acoustics treats Woot customers as third-class citizens on repairs. For the low low price of $55 shipping, I can send it to Iowa for a possible warranty repair.

Do NOT buy Boston Acoustics equipment from anyone, especially Woot.


Bought this about a month ago. First one came and kept turning off after 60 seconds. And the sub buzzed the whole time it was on. Returned.

The second one the sub just didn’t work. Returned for a refund.

I’d avoid this if I were you.


I’ve had one that was purchased new from a brick & mortar shop a year or so ago. It has worked fine for us, but the refurb stories here would prevent me from buying one here.

I do have a small beef with the way it works. It can be programmed to respond to volume and on/off controls from any remote you have. However, the volume by remote (I’ve tried a few) seems to go up and down in increments that are bigger than if you click the volume controls on the sound bar. This makes it hard to get the volume where you want it and necessitates walking over and using the manual controls…when you’re not sitting in a good listening position. Pretty lame.

So, now that I think about it, I doubt I’d recommend these at all. They sound good, but there’s a ton of competing products out there.


Bought one ages ago. Setup was a bit touchy, if u expect instant satisfaction then you might get disappointed. However, with a little patiance it all clicked into place and sounded just great ( well for a OTA TV). Hooked up a sound sysytem through the digital link and it sounded just fine. Never did fathom out the remote fuction, but don’t care because I have it wired throu a switch for choice between the sound bar and wireless headphones. Sweet, neat, and good value solution for an average Joe like me.


I bought mine the last time they were on here, and sadly I also regret the purchase. It worked fine for the first day, but after that it turns itself off every 30 seconds. I tired to send it back, but missed the window of opportunity, so now it sits in its box in my garage.


I bought this a few woots ago, replacing my older philips soundbar.

I love it, BUT! Let me address the wireless issue, as I spent COUNTLESS hours researching.

This, like many other wireless devices, works on a 2.4ghz frequency, which is the reason for the drop in wireless connectivity. Here are a list of things you can do to improve that performance, and believe me I tried them ALL:

1 - move your router to a more centralized location in the home
2 - change the channel on your router, try 1 6 or 10, 1 worked the best for me. Oh, and download inssider from, it is a freeware app that shows you all routers in your vicinity and their respective channels that are overlapping yours, so you can pick one that does not overlap.
3 - in conjunction with number 2, try the different ‘Wireless Id’ channels on the soundbar/subwoofer and see which one performs the best.
4 - try moving the subwoofer to different locations.

While these steps WILL help improve the wireless performance, it did not cure the problem for me (I stream movies from a home server to my xbox360, and nothing is more annoying than to have it buffer in the middle of a flick).

The 100% fix is costly, but it will work. Get a dual-band router. I bought this baby:

Then, on the device you need flawless uninteruption (in my case my 360) you can then point to the second band on the router (it transmits both 2.4g and 5.0g bands).
I won’t go into the differences in these bands, but if you get into this situation as I did, this is your solution.



We’ve lowered the price to $99.99!

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