Soundbot SB517 Extreme Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Pass on buying this one! I’ve been watching for an inexpensive bluetooth speaker for my bathroom and this little shower speaker looked like it would be perfect for what I wanted. I was wrong. It is nearly impossible to pair with my phone. When i received it, it wouldn’t pair, so I charged it over night to make sure it was charged completely. Then I tried again. After about the 10th try it finally paired. Sound was decent for the price and the volume was more than adequate to sound through the shower noise. But, next time I tried to use it, it wasn’t paired. Tried to pair it again and after probably the 50th try this morning, it still won’t pair to the same phone. Gonna have to chalk this one up as a loss. It was cheap, but don’t waste your money!!!

I don’t even think the product I received is an actual Soundbot product. There is no branding on the speaker itself, no model number or anything. Not even on the packaging. (There is a sticker placed on the box though) I think I received an ever cheaper quality knock-off! It’s not the same product I see in all the reviews. Even the packaging and instruction manual is different!