SoundBridge 12” Powered Subwoofer

Saturday, December 03, 2005

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Extra, Extra, get your hot “treated paper” news here:

[]p2, Zorrito comes to a conclusion on woot’s gender.
]p2, rcblum thinks this is a good deal and has the Dayton.
[]p3, 75blazer figures out SoundBridge is “for real” and dbjeter seems to agree.
]p3, buzzen813 sounds like he knows about subwoofers, but Archaea disagrees, in detail .
[]p3, From GROCH, more on this debate.
]p3, A couple of posts from jamestech, a “certified home theater/ stereo nut”, who got one and says it’s worth the “gamble”.
[]p4, bikedorian bought this to replace his 10" Dayton.
]p4, onsitemobile thinks this is a good choice and links to SB’s website.
[]p5, jetcityjay gives meaning to “first post” with an opinion.
]p6, dsafron weighs in with first-hand experience. He got this subwoofer w/ the Fosgate Speakers he purchased on woot.
[*]p6, jjdche comments on “paper”, in relation to this woot.



that’s hot

i want it


Damn I just bought a Polk

useful mthings would be nice


Meh… boring woofer. 15" and I’ll consider it.

Nice price, don’t need it right now…thanks woot!

No thanks, night all.

woot woot
too much for me

the I want one button is bouncing, does this mean woot off?

now its not bouncing. Damn. I dont need a sub though, soundbridge is not bad for the price. I enjoy my sony one though.

none tonight, i want mystery speakers

what a great woot! i think i am going to get myself one!!!

But… I’ve already got a sub woofer… Somethin’ else please… :slight_smile:

what a piece of crap

not too shabby

Dang, no need for it. Was hoping for BOC… or WootOff… maybe next time!!

Everynight I hope for a 32 - 42 inch LCD/Plasma tv. :slight_smile:

Oh well, maybe tomorrow.