Soundcast Audiocast Wireless Audio System

This could be bad, from what i’ve seeing with how slow the bar is going down they have alot of these, I’ll go in for two, don want to spring 150 for three but two is enough, they’ll be fun to have in the house to have music running through all three levels woot!

bag of crap please so i can stop staring at my cpu!!!

these things are great best thing ever… everyone should buy 3 now. fast. and it works with zune…

its okay you probably bought 3 ipod cases…jk

These are actually pretty cool and a good deal. I bought some off Woot earlier this year - I can use them to run sound anywhere that has a power outlet.

I wish the just sold the receiver, I need another one. You can have multiple receivers for every transmitter.

please woot…where’s the BOG…40 minutes til the world series…GO PHILS

Will this work with my iPhone 2G and 12 polycarbonate multi-color cases i just bought?

honestly, i’m up for moving anywhere.

no offers yet though ;/

I wanted the headset…put more of them on…

Kippy read your private msg, it has instructions on putting up a picture.

ill be back in 12 hours

(((first post! woot woot)))

Product info does not say if it transmits in stereo, as in right and left speaker 2 seprate channels? Maybe only mono per each speaker?

I love my surrounder, thanks woot.

BTW, this one will take a while…

Great timing. I had been hoping all day that these would come up, after missing them when they were the daily item. I just checked the woot-off after dinner and bingo.

I got jipped too, w00ts wearing thin on me today…

NOOB question of the century. How can you tell how many there are?

Just buy another set, and hook the output of the first receiver into a headphone Y-splitter, and one of those legs hooks into the transmitter of this set.


Im sorry:( Thats sucks!!

“Calm down, man. That’s just the Soundcast Wireless Audio System. The clear, uninterrupted audio signal goes 350 feet thanks to FHSS technology.”

“# Connects your PC/Mac/MP3 player wirelessly to an audio system that is up to 150 feet away”

literacy fail.