Soundcast Audiocast Wireless Audio System

Not my cup of tea. I love music and all, but I need those wires so my cats have something to chew on >.>


well… are they decent? XP

Two audio systems…as far as I can remember so far…

dont want. next

i’ll turn my klipsch up to 11 kthx

well its wireless, so thats nice, and its a ok price.

Well, I’m off to sleep. Good luck, kids, and may your BOCs be fruitful.

See you all at 10:00 AM.

wow… can anybody guess what gay shit they’ll have next?

They look like a doorbell wall mount…

my roomates are pissed at me, i have those woot-off lights from last woot off and i have them goin… but they are soo loud and its 4am…

Marshmallow gun was cool but now I don’t have enough money to buy this! I got $20 bucks left, planning the spend the rest on USB toys come on woot!

my internet just died out for like an hour. did i miss anything good?

Hell of a deal!

will this thing transmit AIDS?

really sweet item, too bad I have no use for it

It seems OK according to the 2 reviews on Amazon:

If anyone ordered these and changes their mind shoot me a PM.