Soundmatters MainStage HD HiFi Theatre Console

Happy new year!

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New Soundmatters MainStage HD HiFi Theatre Console, for $149.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Soundmatters MainStage HD HiFi Theatre Console

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This is a single speaker that pulls in a multichannel input? I’m just clarifying?

Reviews for this thing are basically non-existent. I found some other HIFi Theater Console on Alatest, but it’s a belkin. Eh.

is this like one of those sound bars, only not shaped like a bar?

Crutchfield which is a pretty reputable Home Theater retailer did some research of their own and users gave it 4 stars. Retails for $400. Details at Crutchfield

Bought one of these from woot in the distant past (date should be in my sig). I was not at all impressed and it is sitting atop a heap of similar junk in my garage.

So lemme try to understand what you’re saying here…

You’re saying… That If i buy this… I should pour carrot banana smoothies into it to keep its subwoofer healthy?

Will this work with a mac?
My ipod?
My roomba? (Please he’s so low on the gound he can’t hear it when i turn the radio on… and you don’t want to know what happens when he has a temper tantrum)

I’d like to know more too, i.e., does this work with any TV?


I purchased one a year ago during a Woot Off! and absolutely love the unit. It produces a good quality sound that is not too “tin” sounding. Just my 2 cents worth.


Woot! New Year’s Resolution…

…try to sell everything at $149.99.

I bought one of these last year from woot and they have good sound. However, the volume can only be controlled via the remote. You lose the remote and youre screwed. Also, it has a really bad buzzing sound at low volumes.

I was real excited about the promise of this and bought one 4 years ago. I honestly can’t remember it’s shortcomings, but it did end up on a shelf after a brief audition. It wasn’t as impressive as the Klipsch and Creative multi-speaker solutions at the time. My Bose Acoustic Wave also blew it away. I was using it on a PC for loud gaming, not Hi-FI, so YMMV.

You’re welcome to send the unit my way. Will gladly take off your hands.

Yeah the and the are both $149.99! I checked!!!

:facepalm: What is it with the trend of labeling everything that is NOT a television “HD?” I’ve seen monitors marketed as HD (even though there were HD monitors long before there was “HD”), HD cameras (same thing), and now HD audio equipment?

Aaaaaggggghhhhh explode

This is reason enough not to buy this.

not sure what the dude who said there were no reviews around. Amazon’ers rated it quite high.

Note the difference between the older models and this one. The oh so face-palming “HD” label. ;]

Nah – it is being bundled with other electronic garbage and being sold as one lot on Craigslist.