Soundmatters MainStage HD HiFi Theatre Console

Here’s the CNET Review…

I’ve had one of these for a couple years and LOVE IT!! Coupled with the SubStage subwoofer, it’s a tremendous sound system with a small footprint. I’d buy it again in a heartbeat. I’m not an audiophile, but I know what sounds good.

BTW, whoever said they have one sitting on a pile of junk in their garage, PLEASE drop me a line via private message as I’d love to take it off your hands to add a kickass sound system to my bedroom setup. Not gonna drop $150 on this one just for the bedroom, but I’d gladly throw a few bucks your way to save you having to look at it taking up space in your garage. :slight_smile:

i love my life style 12 system from bose i got it already for 14 years and the sound its great, i cannot believe they make the same speakers

do any one know if bose its using the same technology with small cube speakers , for the last 10 years

It’s almost as bad as labeling things as shutters TRUE HD.

They label things HD because consumers are too stupid to understand resolution.

The original one requires the remote for volume. However, this updated version also has volume control buttons on the front.

bought one of these a long time ago from woot… wasn’t bad, for little thing it was pretty loud. The subwoofer was weak though, your not going to really feel those big explosions in movies. It worked fine for a good year, but then it started buzzing a litttle so I toook off the front grill which solved that problem. about three months after that I decided to watch Transformers (Blu-Ray) and that shot the entire system to hell. by the end of the movie the front speakers were buzzing and the woofer as crackling. It just couldn’t handle it’s own power. Replaced the thing with a Sony home theater system, which cost me $199.99, with an 8" subwoofer and an RMS power rating of 500W, watched the transformers movie again, not only didn’t it blow to hell, but I felt every explosion in hte movie… I guess all I’m saying it pay an extra $50 for a system that’s immensely better(that sony home theater I bought is located at: )

You should look into some HD Glasses.

It’s kind of the same with iPod, iTunes, iPhone, i-Go, iTV, etc. You get it now? Just put an i in front of whatever you want to sell. Good marketing.

i agree

I was going to pass on this, but then I saw it is “HD” and just have to have it now!!!


I have this unit. I originally got the lesser one from woot and when it developed a problem, I took advantage the upgrade offer they had and upgraded to this.

First, the support is very good. Painless and they ship the unit to you first so that you can use the same box to ship it back.

Ok, the unit…

I am not an audiophile, so to my untrained ears, it is not bad. It adds volume to my weak TV speakers (it sits on top of my cheap 37 Olevia LCD). The surround sound aspect… well… sort of. Your placement is really important and even so, you can clearly tell that it is not a true physical speaker setup.

Is this better than the $200-300 sound bar? I don’t know…

The remote is OK, the display on the unit is nearly no use. Most of the soundbar product probably have more informative display such as volume etc.

Anyway, if you expect it to fill your room, this is probably not for you. If you are place is space challenged, this is pretty good alternative I think and this is certainly a good price. If I can find their substage at around $200, I will definitely pick it up. From all that I’ve read, adding a sub makes a tremendous difference.

Will the DirecTV control operate the unit? Can the DirecTV remote be programmed for SoundMatters MainStage audio?

Bought this beauty back in 10/2007. Currently using it for my TV, as an audio speaker in a mini system, and as the speaker for my XM radio. And that still leaves another open input. It’s got pretty amazing sound, ease of setup, and easily fills a room (12x15) with a warm, rich sound. All tolled, an excellent buy; even though it was $125, way back then.

If the guy who has his laying on a pile wants to contact me, I’ll pay the postage to help him straighten up.

I think I might get one of these. I’ve been looking into HTSs for a while and wanted something inexpensive. This seems perfect.

I actually got the older (non “HD”) version of this in the November boc. It’s center stage in my living room right now. It actually does a fairly good job of providing full sound, although there really is no comparison in terms of “wideness” when you put it against actual separate speakers. The surround effect is a lot more convincing in smaller rooms (like bedrooms, dorm rooms, etc). Hookup is fairly easy, although mine doesn’t have an HDMI out [and I guess this one doesn’t either] (only two analog + digital coax + optical), so I had to go find some extra cables. This version actually allows you to change the volume and such without the remote, which is good – mine doesn’t and my remote’s busted so it’s stuck on “loud” <_<

Also, these sound a LOT better when being fed appropriate (DD for the older version) source material.

To paraphrase an earlier poster, Woot will not send you one of these unless you click on the “I Want One” button and then give your billing and shipping information. H*ll, you may not get one even if you DO click on the button. It’s not necessary to post just to state that you don’t want the item being offered.

If they had said it was GREEN I would have bought one to feel better about the enviroment.

bose blows. Once you realize that they can repair any speaker by replacing every component for less than 100$ , the price you pay for the Bose name is astronomical.

Invest in quality speakers, with a quality amp and get the same sound or better for way less.

I have owned 2 bose home theater systems and 2 pairs of bose headphone. The headphones I like, but the system i replaced my home theater system with was well under a grand and sounds much better.

After intensive analysis on what Wooters want, I am now offering HI FI TRUE HD iPunches in the Face for a low introductory rate of $100 per iPunch.
That’s right folks, for a measly Ben Frank I will Punch the internet, all you have to do is slam your face against your monitor as hard as you can to instantly receive it. iPunches are GREEN too! Incredibly, these beauties have a carbon footprint of -5. You heard correctly-- every iPunch you purchase will REDUCE your carbon footprint! I Can hear Al Gore shedding green tears of joy!!

Naturally this system can’t complete with a true surround sound system, that’s not it’s purpose. It’s a simple space saving audio system that will upgrade your stand tv speakers.