Soundmatters MainStage HD HiFi Theatre Console

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New Soundmatters MainStage HD HiFi Theatre Console, for $119.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Soundmatters MainStage HD HiFi Theatre Console

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Not much to offer, but woot seems to have a great price!

I’ve never heard of this brand, does it have good sound quality?

I don’t understand exactly what this product does. What is it’s main function?

I love neo-sandwiches

I am thinking it’s a cheap foreman grill knock off, but it also could be some type of flying device. i hope it’s not usb 1.1

How do sound bars like this compare to Home Theaters In a Box (HTIB)?

I would imagine that neither does the job of a component system. But, is this good for non-audiophiles?

it oddly reminds me of an ufo. these speakers must be out of this world! (aha aha, I made a funny.)

I have no earthly idea what this is

I own one of these and it works beautifully but the led’s on it are kinda bright. But overall it performs just as expected. (especially for the price)

My roommate had one of these. It worked pretty well. We had it in the same room as some older Bose speakers, and it performed at least as well as them. It’s not as loud as our full set of speakers, but then, they’re big and it’s not.

Cheapest price anywhere else on the internet is $234.95. I’m in need of a speaker system but $110 is just a little too much.

So is this a bose wave wanabee?

Looks like this is $299 elseware. Good price Woot.

This seems familiar.

Anyone know if this thing needs to be out in the open to produce sound properly, or could I stack it on top of my DVD player inside the TV console?

Will it be difficult to connect to my home computer? It is the center of my home entertainment system. Does anybody use it as such?

Hey, is this similar to that soundbox thing where it plays from the small box but sounds like it’s a five speaker theatre system?

All-in-one sound solution if you can plug an optical or spdif device for simulated surround sound… tv, dvd, komputer, stuff…