Soundwaves<br />*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

interesting shirt… love the fluidity

Grats on your first print, GrandpaStu

Seems like a boring shirt to me, I really think its odd the Trick or Treat or that awesome Zombie shirt didn’t take 1st compared to this. I don’t know, I have a few good black shirts so I’ll hold out on this one. Just too plain for me. Cool idea though I guess, but it doesn’t really represent sound waves to me.

At least I have the next two nights to look forward to!

Congrats on the win, my favorite color combo.

Congratulations on making $1000/hr. :wink: Even I can’t bill that high!

I want…
but i keep buying too many shirts…

I do want it, but I’ve put my self on a woot-diet for the time being… Bank accounts are getting a tad thin. Congrats on the print, and if anyone wants to buy me it, I’d be grateful! :slight_smile:

This is perfect because I am a sound tech at my college. Rock on!

Must have this one. THANKS For anyone else on the fence just do ittttttttttt you know yo uwant to. You will.

this shirt is really dull, seriously no offense.

in for 1000000000. :slight_smile:

i voted for this, hopefully the zombies one makes it through as well.

Dang if this shirt isn’t FRESH!!!

Down for 1, gj grand pastu.

this shirt really isn’t my style, so I’m going to pass. Interesting to note though that there’s < a 60 vote difference between 5th place and first this week…

Obviously, this shirt design “resonated” with lot of people.

This shirt gives new meaning to the concept of found sound.

Oh god, I kill me!

Sorry, but this shirt seems too boring and simple. ANYONE could have done this using MS Paint or better yet, MS Paint with a tablet…

This seems like a five minute slap-together compared to the others. I can’t believe the Trick or Treat one or the Octopus didn’t get first on this…

Yep, but not everyone can print their own shirts.

It’s been closer before. :slight_smile:

Congrats, , oh Grand Pastu. I quite liked this design when I saw it, though not enough to buy…

I like it. Not artistic and seems unoriginal, but I still like it. Good color and size of lines.

Looks too much like “pound” and I dont wanna explain it.