Sour Power

“Easy Peezy Lemon Sqeezy.”

Jeeze just look at the puckers on those sour pusses!

speaking of which, this is an excellent tee for Kenny and the infamous ‘pucker’.

If the lemons had thought bubbles, here’s what they would say:

“Man, Lemonade, you sold out. You used to be cool.”

But hey, on the bright side: Single rainbow all the way!

Lol I’m not sure I understand this shirt…but I’m definitely gonna see those lemons in my dreams tonight :frowning:

I think I’ll buy some lemon scented laundry detergent to compliment the shirt.

how come does lemonade made from yellow snow taste funny?

Uh, sparrowhawk69? I’ve got some bad news for ya, dude…

I like the design; I’m not sure I want a big rainbow on a powder blue tee shirt. Just don’t want to create any confusion.

Any one else think that the lemon on right end looks a little…umm…constipated?

this looks like an advert for some kind of lemonade cult x.x

I think I’d be looking pretty sour too if someone had taken my kin, sliced them open, squeezed their innards out, and was dancing around with their remains spilling out of them.


Great Job Tony, you took lemons and made a T-shirt.

That lemonade must have too much sugar in it.

best advice ever: never drink the lemonade from the little cups in a doctor’s office.

Uh, sparrowhawk69? I’ve got some really bad news for ya, dude…

Can you hear the song? I can!
Oh a spoon full of sugar makes the world go round, the world go round, the world go round…

You know if you’re happy and cheerful and the rest of the crowd is sour and gloomy, perhaps you simply don’t understand the situation.

I thought that was apple juice!