Source Green by Lifesmart 4-Element Heater - Black

Source Green by Lifesmart 4-Element Heater - Black
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Average reviews (3.2 out of 5.0) over at amazon

[MOD: Wrong model. That’s a LS-HPTC15PB, not R-2PC-1000.]

Read the reviews on Amazon before you buy this. 40 one star reviews versus 48 five star seems to make it close to a coin toss. Also, it is smaller than it appears. Specs show 14 x 11 x 15 is only a little more than 1 sq. ft.

Link please? I pasted in “Source Green by Lifesmart 4-Element Heater” and there are no reviews there.

I bought one of these about a year ago when the apartment we were renting had a convoluted heating system that failed to heat the living room.

After trying many types of heaters, including this one, I don’t think I’ve ever had an electric heater that made the entire room feel like it was heated, no matter the size. We had a tiny 10 x 12 living room and you felt warm if sitting in front of the heater but once you got up, the rest of the room was no warmer. A wall thermometer showed no increase in temperature for us.

It’s the nicest looking of the heaters out there and the more powerful fan on this one is much better than the other “fan forced” ones that you can stand in front of and feel a puff more than an actual fan blowing air.

When we moved, I brought it to my freezing office and had the same result: so I put it under my desk and sat in front of it. I felt warm but once I got up and walked a few feet away I was freezing again.

There’s a difference between room and space heaters. A space heater is what you get to heat the immediate area - place under your desk, for example.

A room heater will heat an entire room. It will take a bit to raise the temperature of the entire room but once it does, they’re usually pretty good at maintaining the temp. Room heaters should be placed to reach the entire room.

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