Source Green Heaters Via Lifesmart

OK, we all have heard about how ALL electrics are 100% efficient from a physics point of view.

But there is a difference in how some get the heat dispersed, and also the question of how good looking or ugly they are.

I got one of these floor ones on Woot and I like it’s looks, the 68 degree eco setting, etc. But it wasn’t that much more than a refurb.

I found a “fireplace” one with no wood case for $25. The flames look nice and can be dimmed. The heater on mine is just low/high with no thermostat.

I also have used the oil filed radiator types and like them for their even temps.

So there you go. A lot depends on how much the unit needs to look nice.

Remember, warmer days are coming and heaters will be on sale soon.

Are these the type of fireplaces that the heat can be turned off but still see the flames?

Can you link me to the one you’re asking about?

Pretty slim in the specs department. What are the dimensions ?

Which item are you asking about? Link, please?

I’ve had one I got on Ebay for about 5 years now and these (the 6 element 1500 watt) heaters are great to have if you want to heat like the bedroom and keep the main heat turned down at night!

Great price too! I’m thinking of picking another one up!

I just purchased the Source Green R2001FRP13 Fireplace Wood 3 Elements 1500W Med. So far I love it. It heats my living room quickly. It has three different flame intensities. I placed my tv on top. The surface does not get hot and the blower is angled toward the floor.

Source Green R2001FRP13 Fireplace Wood 3 Elements 1500W Med