South Beach Good To Go Bars, 36 ct.

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South Beach Good To Go Bars, 36 ct.
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Pretty much a candy bar and highly processed based on the ingredient list.

11 net grams of carbs - not very keto…

Ehhhh it only has 6g of sugar. A snickers has 27g for comparison. Though the ingredients aren’t exactly health food this isn’t “pretty much a candy bar”

Soy-tastic!! Enjoy your whacked out estrogen levels.

2 “fun sized” Snickers are 34g total weight - compared to this lump of compost and soy @ 36g - and have 17g of sugar .

This is pretty much a candy bar, loaded with soy. Ooops - I mean “aincient grains”.

That is a myth that was debunked years ago

A lot of processed materials in this. I prefer to snack on raw nuts and fruits. I keep a supply at my desk so I’m not tempted to hit the vending machines at work.

I think he’s just pointing out that 17g sugar vs. 6g sugar and 3g protein vs. 5g protein and 1g fiber vs. 5g fiber takes it out of “pretty much a candy bar” land. And he’s right, it’s nowhere near as bad as a candy bar.

I’m losing a lot of weight on SBD, but I’m not buying any of their branded foods. I keep nuts for snacks everywhere I go. 50lbs down since late January.

Yeah - no it wasn’t. Many of the studies on rats are suspect because of a difference in metabolism of islotaes - but soy is a SERM - period.

Whatever - eat up.

Please stop spreading false myths. Here are just 2 professional studies:



Please search things out before making false statements.

I don’t like these as much as some other snack bars with protein, but I’ve tried this flavor and they’re not bad… and this is a very good price for something with a reasonable macro balance.

As for ingredients, unless they’ve changed it since I looked this morning, the list under Specs is not the same as the list on the box image. Not commenting on either list, just noting the difference.

Smart. Nice progress.

I would like to know why they advertise 6g of sugar from one 38g bar on the website, and then send me a smaller bar(35g) which has 7g of sugar. Besides the fact that we’ve been jipped on mass. We’ve been lied to on the ingredients. That’s not the only one either. There’s about half the fiber, less potassium, and all of the vitamin group is different. Did someone think this would just be Okay with everyone? There are certain vitamins that are toxic if you take too many of them. This doesn’t sit well with me at all…

I’m really sorry about that- can you post a photo of the nutrition label/bar that you got? I’d really like to check up on this issue.