South Shore, Shelves 'N Stands 'N Stuff

Don’t understand specs. Says 19" H, but is pictured with to 12" magazine level shelves.??

which sale are you confused about?

I bought the Agoura stand from Amazon and just got done putting it together. The finish scratches easy. It comes with a marker to cover these problems but peels way to easy for the price. Took 2 mechanically inclined people 3 hours to put together. Comes with tons of screws and uses pictures only, not describing length. Glad it’s over with. Looks nice but not sure how long it will hold up

The Jambory TV stand

I just got an email from Amazon and they’re doing the same sale on South Shore dorm furniture. None of it is rated very highly however.

We contacted the vendor. The assembled height is 19’’ but with the wheels it is 21.5’’