South Shore Storage

Dimensions sound like they would be ok for vinyl. Always looking for some nice record storage shelves.

I’m not sure I understand the price on the 4-storage-cube one. It basically looks like a lighter-duty Ikea Expedit, at almost double the cost:

Even if you don’t have an Ikea around town, their shipping calculator still makes the price lower than this Woot + shipping. It seems incredibly expensive for what is essentially a box with a divider in it.

Can you tell me how much the Storage Console weighs?

I checked the Amazon page, it looks like the console weighs 105 lbs. Hope this helps!

I purchased a South Shore Morgan Storage Console and it arrived yesterday. It says it’s supposed to take two people to assemble, but I did it by myself. It wasn’t hard, and I suspect the attaching the doors is what usually takes an extra pair of hands, but I found stacking some of the packing materials held them up sufficiently for me to do it alone. I’m very pleased with it. There were a few dings in the doors, but it comes with a marker to touch them up, so it ends up looking pretty good.