Saw the shirt. Thought “oooo, this is gorgeous, reminds me of a cmdixon design” and then I saw who it was by.


Looks almost like an arrowhead from the thumbnail.

Is this a St. Louis Cardinals reference or something? They won, you know.

I hope he does one coat at a time, or the paint won’t dry right, and he’ll feel gummy to the eagle or owl that eats him out of the sky.

Definitely has a determined look in the eye; imaginative color choice (bird), nice color choice (artist). Fly on.


Looks like a redwing blackbird. Apparently they can puff up their red/yellow feathers when feeling confident. Looks like this guy’s just a bit overconfident.

We’ve seen a tucan shedding his paint, now we see another bird, only this one is applying the paint.

Is this really how things work in the wild? Dixon must do a lot of bird watching because I’m learning stuff here…

It’s trying to make itself into a painted bunting. Google it

I thought it was shaped like Illinois when I first saw it…

Maybe it’s a Baltimore Oriole trying to turn himself into a St. Louis Cardinal. Wouldn’t you?



I think this is the Bob Ross of birds. Cool design and colors.

nice work Chris!

got one… although wish there was a lil more to the design… i like it.

My favorite bird. A PAINTED BUNTING! What next? A “rolling stone”? A “yellow Jacket”? An “artful dodger”?

Top quality work Chris!

Its so amazing!


Glad to see this go up while it’s still fall! Thanks Woot for printing this one.

Thanks guys for the great comments so far. Also, whatever baseball references this may have are unintentional and NOT approved by Major League Baseball or their affiliates. :slight_smile: