Southern Breeze Sweet Iced Tea 8 Pack - Best Sellers

Southern Breeze Sweet Iced Tea 8 Pack - Best Sellers

The ad says 8 pack, but itsays this in the paragraph below, “pack of 4 with different flavors of Original, Raspberry, Peach, and Half & Half”
So is it 4 or 8?

You’re getting 2 packs of 4 so 8 total.

Not at all what is pictured here. I got a bunch of boxes of various flavored herbal hot tea. Most of the flavors are pretty revolting, like blueberry muffin, strawberry cheesecake, caramel apple pie, etc. certainly not something I’d want in an iced tea. I will be requesting a refund and trying to get this stuff returned. Not cool, woot, not cool.

Crud. Someone sent you the wrong thing. I was hoping someone could review this. It sounded pretty good.

Side note: red rose black tea is really good. Maybe those won’t be too bad if CS doesn’t want them back. I don’t know what the food policy is.

I’ve had their black tea. I would probably keep it if it were that. I have no interest in these, however, especially at $30 for the lot. They look like fodder for a kids tea party.