Southern Crossbow Risen XT Crossbow

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Southern Crossbow Risen XT Crossbow
Price: $349.99
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About Southern Crossbow

Perfect for when a Lannister patriarch is not giving you a fair shake.

Perfect for ruining a would-be adventurer’s career by giving them an arrow (well, bolt) in the knee!

Perfect for that inbred hick needing to survive a zombie infestation!

Daryl freakin Dixon here I come!

Really heavy draw and there is no crank accessory currently available.

I purchased one of these in a previous Woot! offering. I use a cocking rope, and have no problems getting the job done, even with a gimpy left hand. I don’t remember if it came with one or not, but you can find one of these cocking mechanisms on Amazon or the like.

Regarding the unit itself, I find it to be VERY hard hitting and extremely accurate. Assembly was easy after having to study the pictures to discover how to attach the limbs. The directions were not the most helpful I have ever read. I find the shape to be a bit strange compared to other crossbows (it is a few inches longer than most I have used), it is also vaguely similar to the AR platforms. I do dig the adjustable stock. The rail system it has on it makes adding whatever gadgets and glass on the unit very simple. The scope that comes with the package is what you would expect – it gets the job done, nothing fancy at all. I hunt from a stationary platform so I cannot comment about the weight or any of those attributes since it does not make any difference to me. I don’t know why anyone would pay 800$+ for the same capabilities that you get with this. I think this is a solid purchase for the price. For those who hunt the numbers are good enough to hunt just about anything in North America. For deer, this is a no brainier. I would absolutely buy again if I didn’t already have one.