Southwestern Bell Dual Handset 5.8Ghz Phone w/Digital Answering Machine

not a very good phone

Yes, before anyone asks, people still prefer these phones to cell phones.

Boo to analog. Next.

oohhh… not phones.

Southwestern Bell phones are, well, not very good. Pass.

I want a HD :frowning:

Does this work anywhere near a MAC?

5.8ghz phones are great if you have a 2.4ghz wireless router, less interference.


These sell for $100.00 on Ebay so hurry up and buy them all, thanks.

Dear fellow wooters… I have figured out the answer to podcast quix #8 but the songs have more than one thing in common… Could anyone help me out since Woot doesn’t want to?

Time for a nap


Have one and I like it for the price!!!

Darn … I woke up too late. Just didn’t expect today to be the woot off. Hopefully there will be some other great stuff to come around yet today …

Going for $50 on eBay

Does anyone know if these work in Canada?

can the answering machine be turned off?