Southwestern Bell Dual Handset 5.8Ghz Phone w/Digital Answering Machine



Am I a few items behind everyone else?


This feels like a Woot closeout sale, where the quantities are so small, or the transactions are so fast, that everything just zips by, gluing us to our computers.


I didn’t even see these go up, lol


This is a 5th dimention product. It wasn’t for sale on this woot-off and it problably won’t be now that it’s been flashed… Do discuss away into nothingness…


I had it in my cart, then they told me they were gone.
What went wrong??
My modem didn’t cut out or anything!
I knew I shouldn’t haqve upgraded to this new fangled 28.8
voice/data indeed@$@@$%


I had the same problem. It told me I was in wait in case other people failed to complete their transactions. I still could not get one. It went way too fast.


BTW I am using like a T3 so I don’t think it was connection speed.


I got one! w00t!


How much were these up for?


29.99. It told me that I didn’t get it either, and then I got an email later that said I got it!!! Yay!!!


For those of you lucky enough to score this, check out the manufacture’s rebate at


Though the site says it’s a mfr rebate, the rebate itself says it’s an ecost rebate.


sweet thanks!


come on woot
SHIP allready


I just read the fine print on the rebate, and it says that it must be purchased from Boooooo!

Also, does anyone else’s tracking info just say “Package data transmitted to FedEx”? Mine has said that all week.


Yeah, what’s going on? Woot!?


Please ship the phone…I wont be able to call my 106 year old grandmother for christmas…This might be her last…Her new boyfriend is addicted to viagra…help Woot!


Yes Woot - I t is 6 days past December 12 and Christmas is now only 7 days away -
When will the package actually leave Texas?


Still waiting… Still in Texas…