Southwing Hands-Free Blutooth Car Kit

What’s a “cigarette lighte”?

Would this be legal to use in Calafornia?

Random crap PLZ!!

People still use these things?

Is this any good?

Probably not a good bludgeon FYI

Is Blutooth compatible with Bluetooth?

Our Lincoln syncs with our phone when we get in. Pass…

Hmmm… looks kinky

I’ve had bad luck with all of these hands-free kits. I’ve tried 2 (both from woot), and both have had horrible sound quality or had issues with connecting to the stereo.

I’d suggest just getting a JawBone or Jabra…

-10 for the product but +20 for the blurb. And Blutooth, really? Time for some coffee, nerds.

It’s the remenants that are left over from the Cigarette Lighters they used to put in cars.

Now replaced with the cigarette lighte, which doesn’t actually light anything, it just powers your electronic devices.

Voice Dialing??? So I yell the numbers while the windows are down and people next to me think I’m crazy?

19.99 at

could use this but I have a speaker phone already

where is the bag of crap


woot got an e-book reader coming soon please?

I use my otto2 that I got here almost two years ago and no one has ever said anything to me here in calIfornia…

How reliable is this model tho?

Anyone got a review link ? Off to google I go…