Souvia Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

Souvia Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

I’m not exactly certain how this new forum is supposed to work, but I cannot find any of the comments that were made for this item from earlier today (including mine). I would have hoped that Woot would have transposed earlier comments into this new system (?) so we could at least pick up where we left off.

We’ll be bringing the old forum posts over. It’ll be few hours for the migration to complete.

If you see something missing, we’re still working on some of the features. Bear with us. It’s worth the wait.

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This deal will be gone in a few hours… Oh well, without being able to check back on the discussion, I won’t be able to see an possible information I asked for. No sale for me. Disappointing.

Better luck next time

Woot, woot, woot. What the heck have you gone and done now?

I can’t get mine on my WiFi, just says . Using Google WiFi with plenty of devices on the 2.4gHz.

I can’t get the WiFi to work, either! I have xFinity’s xFi router and the router works on both 2.4 and 5 gHz. I just sent an e-mail to to see if they can help, but I am skeptical as the website they have in their manual from the package ( is inactive. So frustrated!!Hoping they get back to me. I may call xFinity to see if they can help me.

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I had to get an old phone that only used the 2.4 channel to get it connected. After that the cooker lost connection frequently so don’t expect much control from the app.

Hi there. We heard back from the vendor:

If you have both 2.4 and 5.0 in one router than it may be conflicted to get contacted in such cases we recommend to disable the 5.0 for connection process and once it connect the you Can enable 5.0 again