Sova 20" LCD TV Entertainment Center with DVD


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ok, how does ringtoss post 6 minutes before the next woot, but when i do it, it gets deleted

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Today&rsquo;s item quantity: 15<br>Last Order time: 04:28:03 PM CST<br>Woot Member to blame: phecco<br>Order Pace: 0m 44.20s<br>Woot Wage: $40723.17 an hour.


i am number 2


Looks like this items kills the woot off. I bet they won’t sell out of these since they are $500!





this is crazy


Looks like this items kills the woot off. I bet they won’t sell out of these since they are $500!


who cares?


damn missed this one…good WOOT




the real question to ask is why do you care?

ok, so these sova things are on web special at target for $899.


who cares?[/quote]

me obviously. :lol:
but seriously, i think this is what is causing the severe forum server lag


Sheesh this stuff is selling out now quicker than I can get a chance to view it!! Great deals, freebies and coupon codes.



All I’m getting is this:

We are sorry, but an error has occurred.
We will be sure to give our web developers
a swift kick in the butt and a pay cut.

Just like last night when the woot broke. :x :frowning: :x :frowning:


All this woot is making my heart ache. Beats… skipping… if only the forums could handle the traffic load. :!:




It shows up on the forum, then 7 minutres later, we get a chance to buy?

Woot the Fork??

More ram in the SERVER!!


Edit, First Page, like I really give a flying Fork!! /edit


Looks like you were wrong with that call. :stuck_out_tongue:

Although it was a really good WOOT and a good deal (since with a little research I saw the same thing for $900) I just don’t have $500 laying around to throw away at moments notice. I don’t know how some people can, but more power to them. It was a neat little gadget. Only 20" though, my computer monitor is bigger then that and my TV is surely way bigger than that. As I said, neat gadget though.