Soyo 22” Widescreen LCD Monitor

I have this exact monitor. Lots of stuck pixels, and I never could get it to sync up with a nVidia 8800 GT over DVI. I have to use the VGA port on the monitor. It seems really slow with Crysis, but I haven’t tried playing it on another monitor. I also have a LG 22" that is perfect. I paid $US 180 for it with free shipping. I highly recommend that monitor over this one.

This is a TN panel: Good for gaming, but usually sub-par color recreation. This doesn’t mean terrible color, but it often means inconsistent color between panels and viewing angles.

Casual users are going to love this panel because of its size, but anybody who is truly concerned about color recreation will probably be better off buying a 6bit+2 Samsung for $50 more or if you’re doing digital work professionally, you’re going to want a SPVA panel which runs about $100 more or an S or H-IPS panel, which is…expensive. (cheapest S-IPS at the moment is HP LP2475w @ $650)

Personally i try and stay away from some of these weird name brands

I’d say you either have a vision problem, or you’re a liar. Soyo wouldn’t even know how to make a better monitor than most of the “real” LCD brands out there. That’s assuming they’d be willing to cut into their profit margin to do so.

So I can’t find this monitor on Soyo’s website (slightly different model number), and the one on Soyo’s site has VGA and DVI. This one says it has HDMI. However, on J&R’s site, it simply says that it has an “HDTV Tuner Included” and doesn’t mention an HDMI input.

Specs are a little fuzzy…


Actually, some of us don’t always believe Woot’s description and read the tech specs on the manufacturer’s website, which say, no HDMI, yes DVI. Same difference, actually, since neither an HDMI cable, nor a DVI cable is included. Just purchase an HDMI to DVI cable.

BTW, if you read further down on Woot’s description, it clearly says DVI and VGA inputs.

what description?? where do the words input and hdmi appear in the same sentence?

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Looks like people are buying this monitor!

Soyo has been around for a while. They make some of the best motherboards. The dragon line of motherboards were the most popular for overclocking.

I love this brand name. Makes me think of those brands at that crappy electronics store on the Simpsons that sells “name brands” like Panaphonics, Magnetbox, and Sorny (…or Soyo).


22” TFT LCD widescreen monitor
1680×1050 resolution
5ms response time
300 Nits of brightness
1000:1 contrast ratio
** VGA and HDMI connections **
Integrated speakers
Certified for Windows Vista
Wall mountable with removable stand

Last I checked, monitors don’t have outputs…

the description says it is TFT…so does that mean it can be both a TN and a TFT at the same time?

I had 24" version of this a month ago… and it broke after 2 weeks…
The monitor looks cheap espcially with its stand… The LCD is thicker than most other brands . It came with 1 stuck red pixel. I am glad it broke fast so i don’t have to deal with SOYO any more after I return it… I think they only have 1 year warranty .

Acer 22" is probably a better idea.

when did Woot start offering Square Trade for extended Warranties? $20 for 3 years is a deal.


I had a 17" LCD when those were the biggest you could get. I used it for TWO months and it went bad (capacitor bank on the lightbar). Since I got it with a computer and didnt have the box, they made me buy a Soyo shipping box for $29.19, PLUS $20 TO SHIP IT, AND sign a waiver saying “Although this is under warranty, I authorize FULL CHARGE TO MY CREDIT CARD if Soyo deems my warranty to be invalid for ANY REASON”. To top it off, the guy I got on the phone barely spoke English, and hung up on me twice.

Guess what? They wanted to charge my card $270 and $39 to ship it back to me.
No credit for the box or to ship TO them, despite 3-year warranty.


I also was burned out of a rebate on my Soyo Motherboard, which contacted ME about (I’d even forgotten about it) and they refunded the rebate, Soyo didnt.



The lovechild of sanyo and sony?

I believe I’ve found the answer:

Look here:

If you go down toward the bottom, it lists the same model number as they have here, and they then show an actual photo of the input connectors. It’s VGA and DVI… Woot has screwed up. That’s a pretty bad screw up too… someone will buy this thing to use it as an HDTV connected to their AV equipment, and the connector won’t be there!

and here’s a video:

That rating was detracted the year after they got “great” reviews. See MaximumPC 2002 (Jan?) and the mobo they submitted for bwenchmarking didnt even boot up.

Soyo is the LOWEST rated, even below Foxconn. Soyo is dog poo after 2001

Lovechild of SUBPAR and YOYO = SOYO