Soyo Freestyler 500 Bluetooth Headset and Bluetooth USB Adapter

is the hidden woot… no posts?


is there a wootalyzer for mac?

good deal, wait for the generic 2 pack. If they offer it today

Toss the headset. The adapter is worth the money.

wow, these things are flying off the shelf

That’s why I bought one of these 3 months ago when they first had them…

what do you guys mean hidden woot?

too bad…i have a bluetooth headset already…whats the usb adapter for?

I got one, for the adapter.

POS. Bought one from Woot before. The sound quality, both what you hear as well as what other hear, is very poor. Have since bought two others (a Jabra and a Jawbone) and both are vastly superior.

Bought this a month back or so. Not a good BT adapter for my blackberry, I replaced it with a better one in a week. had a disconcerting tendency to start very low volume and then suddenly jump to high volume in mid conversation.


that was quick

In for one. Now I can you my laptop with my printer wirelessly!!

Touch my dongle.

My wife has been waiting for a few weeks for a BT Headset… now it’s on its way!

wtf is this?

wootoff killer

the ear piece on these really suck. Bought on a 2fer and they do not fit in your ear …they are too big.

isn’t it supposed to fit AROUND your ear? lol