Soyo FreeStyler 500 Bluetooth Headset

I wooted 3… I hope they are good… atleast they are not r e f u r b i s h e d… :slight_smile:

YES, and you don’t even have to turn it on to have fun!

“This is Ground Command to Major Tom, all systems are go for launch…”

Yeah, is this PS3 compatible?

I had one for a while and it actually worked as well or better than all the “cheap” (less than $50) bluetooth headsets I have tried. The only issue I ran into was the clip broke in a little over a month. I used it with the pocket piece for a while then lost it.

I thought the whole point of getting SYNC was so that you wouldn’t need an earpiece either.

The unit is compact, very light and rugged. The battery lasts as long as is claimed (better than a week in standby, several hours under constant use). It comes with a detachable cradle in which the curved ear piece may be replaced by a short wire and in-ear button speaker. I use this latter form and am very happy. What becomes the base unit sits in my shirt pocket (the cradle has a clip that points the microphone up) and the wire has a small clip midway to keep the wire out of my way. The unit communicated and matched up to my Sprint Samsung phone with no trouble on the first try. The sound quality is a little lacking (hence the 4 vice 5 star rating) but is clearly audible if the ear piece is in place correctly. The volume is sufficient if a tiny bit low. If your phone has voice command (mine does), the unit works well, my phone asks me to confirm my choice only about a third of a time, which matches with when I don’t use the headset. I have spent over $150.00 on Motorola products claiming to be much better - both are in the garbage now, being completely useless.
In short, this is a good unit and for 10 bucks, a deal to not pass up!

Looked at completed items on eBay… Selling for around $15.00 shipped. Marginally a good price here!

I’m in for 3!

When you can get 3 bluetooth headsets shipped to you for less than 30 bucks, it’s a good deal. Even if one of them is DOA it’s still a good deal. :slight_smile:

There is a reason why this is so cheap.

Overall Avg Rating. 5/10.

got 3

Reviews around the web are mixed, but generally the typical negativity you would expect from a value priced product.

Wow, this is somethiing new. . .

Wait a minute. I have six of these and so does everyone I’m giving gifts to this year.

Something NEW, YES??

Ohura called and want her earpiece back.

great price, but already have a motorola so i’ll pass, hell of a deal though

LMAO at the guy that asked if it worked with bluetooth…and then his comment got deleted

I was tempted, but a bad review at CNET:

“its poor audio quality is a big letdown.”

I’m gonna hold off on this w00t, counting on getting at least one in my next bandolier’s bag of crappy carrots

but then, that’s another story…

cheap … even if it is kinda suck :-p

in for 3

Are you trying to say something? I wasn’t paying attention. I was on my phone…

I think my favorite is when the news interviews someone on the street and they make sure that it’s in the ear facing the camera and lean into showing t off.

these are new … no yummy used earwax included with these then.

Yeah, Soyo doesn’t pay their rebates. A couple of years ago it took me nine months and a number of thinly-veiled threats to get them to send a check, and when they did it said on the face that it was only valid for 15 days (and somehow it took 10 days to get to me instead of the usual two).

Go ahead and buy Soyo stuff if there’s no rebate, but avoid it otherwise.