SP Volleyball Platinum Set

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SP Volleyball Platinum Set
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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This was on kids.woot recently.

Rollin, rollin, rollin…

Personally, I’m glad they’re selling this…junk…instead of putting in my bag with the carrots and bunnies

Not glow-in-the-dark this time, bummer!

There’s nothing better than playing backyard volleyball on a hot summer day while dodging dog turds in bare feet.

So…you could have gotten a waterproof bag for your kindle for reading in the ocean when you aren’t busy playing beach volleyball?

I love the gardening filters! Pardon my language while I test it out:



Taking the volume of a volleyball to be about 303 cubic inches, and the density of platinum to be 21.45 gm/cm3, the weight of a platinum volleyball would be just over 233 pounds. I think that would inhibit the playing of the game… Just sayin’.

Glad you like it. I will admit to quite a few chuckles with this round of filters.


Will this work with my mac?

Is this USB 2 or USB 3, And can you spike the download?
Or is it Throttling its users?

The Bag of Crap is improperly named! It needs to be changed to Crock of $hit! Woot would be a way cooler place if they didn’t allow all the bots. NOBODY will ever get a Crock of $hit as long as they allow CHEATERS! I literally refreshed and instantly clicked buy it and my order was denied! Thanks for nothing!


They should put one in for “Is it bigger than a breadbox?” :smiley:

Is there a way to prevent the bots? It would be so cool if they could.

Yes there is. All they would have to do is make a “captcha” just like everyone else does to prevent “spam” or computers from over running the world. Bots aren’t smart enough to retype a phrase because technically they can’t read anything but normal text. Captcha is hard to read if you’re human. Ha Ha. I have bought a lot of stuff from Woot but their bot allowing has definitely slowed down my woot excitement.

I guess it’s better then dodging hypodermic needles at the beach!