Spa La La La



Spa stuff a couple days before the weekend reminds me I need to relax more during the holidays than I end up doing.

How do you stay relaxed over the busy holiday season?


A quick question about the origins: Where are these products made? The white elephant that I’m participating in requires that we purchase products made in the U.S.




hmm. are you looking at something specific? i’ve put in an inquiry, but my guess is that different brands will come from different places.

i’ll let you know when i find anything out.


“Made in India”


Can someone give me the actual dimension of the two 10X mirrors on stands? Just the mirror not including the frame around it. Thanks!


The gooseneck: The diameter of the whole mirror head is 8 5/8. The mirror itself is 6 3/8 in diameter.

This site says the revolving one has 8.5 " (22 cm) distortion-free optical quality glass - 11" (28 cm) high

I don’t think we got samples on these. That’s all I could find.


Thank You!!


Is there any chance these will make it by Christmas with regular shipping?


Given that Plus sales tend to go for several days, we cannot do much more for you than advise two things on any specific item:

  1. buy sooner vs later
  2. consider an upgrade to faster shipping

We hope that helps, and are sorry we can’t be more specific.


Got shipped wrong item, Wanted the Maple soap for my wife and got time kind of berry flavor. UGH! I wrote asking for help. I hope i cant get this sorted by xmass eve!


I bought the Danielle 10X Satin Nickel Gooseneck Lit Mirror and received a 5X version of the mirror. This is definitely not what I paid for!! Does anyone know if there is any way to return this and receive the product I actually ordered?


Oh no. Sorry for the problem with the mirror. Please email and they’ll assist you. Include your woot username and order number for faster service.