Space Places

It’s a double-doctor win; Dr. Seuss and Doctor Who! Congratulations, Fishbiscuit! :slight_smile:

Love it!!!

Such a great shirt! I’m in for one. Well done fish biscuit.

I think Steven Moffat was channeling Seuss the day he wrote ‘timey wimey’ into the script of Blink. So this has come full circle. :^)

Yay!!! Thanks for voting on this one. It was super fun to draw. :slight_smile:

Fez included!

Congrats Fishbiscuit5! A well-deserved win. :slight_smile:

Am I being too nerdy because I can’t get over the David Tennant phase versus the Matt Smith depiction? It kind of annoys me… Yes yes, David Tennant did wear a fez a couple of times but bowties and the outfit are definitely a Matt Smith thing.

Ugh… I’ll pass. Oh that annoys me even worse the more I think about it.

I’m actually getting frustrated with myself because I can’t let it go! Lolol

Wrong Dr. Who number 10 gave the timey whimey speech. Number 11 is on the shirt. Too bad

Who is Seuss? Who knew?

Ohhhhh double Hoovian!