Space Racing Stripes

Fun idea, at any speed.

11 minutes in to the sale, 3XL in American Apparel is sold out.

Well, we now truly know Woot’s demographics.

Love it.

Where’s the Galactica?
Where’s the Andromeda Ascendant?
Where’s the Liberator?

They had to stick to cool ships

What’s the ship on the left?

That’s Serenity, the ship from the show Firefly.

Racey spacy!

Damn! no 3XL in AA!!!

I so wanted this shirt…

I wanted Men’s 3X as well.

Judging by the size of the shirt and the relative sizes of the ships, I’d say that the Millenium Falcon is about 1 parsec ahead. Just sayin’…

Same here!


So why not get it in the other brand?

Even though if I remember my nerd right the Falcon “Will make .5 past light speed” where the Enterprise I’m pretty sure it around Warp 8 which is 8 times light speed. (Firefly was just a transport ship so doubt it could do much)

3XL is sold out because it contained Spaceballs 1

Just a transport ship?! How dare you , sir! I demand fisty-cuffs!! Have at you!

I wish we could have one more stripe with ‘spaceball plaid’

This shirt needs a Borg cube somewhere way out in front; or, maybe, just behind and the others are just trying not to be the slowest.