Now I’m hungry! Darn you shirt woot!

this shirt looks edible

Awesome pick!:slight_smile:

To drop spaghetti sauce on this shirt can only increase it’s awesomeness.

MAMA MIA, That’s a spicy meatball!!!

Yay! Cashland! I thought this would print tonight! Congrats!

and he can do it all with his eyes shut.

What’s with all the complicated steps?

Ramen + Ketchup = Spaghetti. Done.

I fully intend to cook many a spaghetti meal while wearing this shirt!

I’m seriously stoked that this printed.

ok on 2nd thought what is that chef doing to the turkey at the top


Actually I was whistling Tarantella Napoletana when I clicked on this link. I’m prescient. Great print.

He’s beckoning that the eggs exit themselves a tad quicker.

This is like the code for!

PETA is going to have a fit with the second chef on the left.

The fact that this guy can cook at all is very impressive. He has grotesquely huge hands…and puny shoulders. How his arms support his hands is beyond me.

How many eggs are inside that chicken?!

This is brilliant! For years everyone thought that chickens could only lay one egg a day, when in fact they are hiding them inside their abdomens. This could change the world.

For once Twitter is not responsible for my late night food cravings…nice flow, patient chicken.

If only my dad looked like this when he cooked spaghetti.