Spalding Basketball Equipment



oh goody. more jeremy lin basketballs.

the 54" basketball hoop got decent reviews on amazon.


I was one of the suckers that purchased the Jeremy Lin ball and I got to say, I really like it. Its a really nice small size for a kids little hands. If I can find something else to buy today, I am in for three.


Is the Spalding NBA Cross Traxxion Outdoor Rubber Basketball included in the “Basketball Game in a Bundle” regulation 29.5" size?


oh thank you. and tell people about them on here and how nice they are.


Good question about the ball size… Can someone chime in on what the ball size is in the court marking set with the net? Want to take advantage of my free shipping.


from the picture on amazon, it looks like the youth size, 27.5.


I’m told it’s a standard size 7 ball.


Most leagues use very similar specifications for their balls which are referred to as size 7 (for men’s competition) and size 6 (for women’s competition) by manufacturers.


The picture of the ball here and the one on amazon aren’t consistent with this being a standard size ball. can you confirm tt?


According to the website:
Spalding Website the yellow ball is 27.5"


the link you gave doesn’t work. It actually takes me to outlook express.


Paul Pierce is the TRUTH!


ok now im really confused. thunder thighs said the ball is a standard size 7 ball. that would make it 29.5.

you’re telling me and the pictures on here and amazon confirm, that it’s 27.5.


We’ve confirmed with the vendor that it is the Standard size 7.


I appreciate you contacting the vendor… but your pictures don’t match with spaldings website.


let me know what size the ball is please, if you bought this.