Spalding Basketballs et Al

So which leather basketballs are best for outdoor play?

fitting the Carmelo Anthony Nuggets ball is made of rubber

Wait…where’s my Jeremy Lin ball? Did I miss em?

I would recommend the Spalding 743398 NBA Indoor / Outdoor Composite Basketball if you’re buying for adolescent kids (not real leather but it has a nice grip on it for kids to work up to the real thing).

It was our daily ball growing up and it’s very versatile–playing H-O-R-S-E in the driveway then dribbling it down the street and into the gym for practice. Nice grip even when the weather isn’t ideal (we played in the rain). Holds up to being punted like a football and thrown like a missile during angry moments. Also can withstand being left outdoors 24/7 (ball inevitably tossed into the yard before going inside).

At $10 price, I’d buy an extra. Less than what I paid for one 15 or so years ago.

I also remember the pump that is built into the Infusion ball regular pops out of the ball after it’s dribbled a few times and that it takes forever pumping it up using that little pump. I’d stear clear of that one. It sounds cool in theory but doesn’t hold up when you actually use it.

So how is the Spalding pump ball a woot deal if the retail is $19.99, and the woot price is $19.99? Go figure that one out…

I can’t decide whether the Steve Nash basketball is a rare collectable because it’s a misprint — he’s a Laker — or because it’s old.


I thought the same thing…

Just to clarify, the Spalding 741609 TF 500 is rubber and not leather? It says rubber in the specs but says “composite leather” in the picture.

stay tuned. i’ll see about getting a concrete answer on this.

ANSWER: it’s composite leather.
sorry for the discrepancy. thanks for pointing it out.

shucks, checked this too late and now it’s sold out…sadness :*(