Spalding Inground 44" Polycarbonate Basketball System

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Spalding! Get your foot off the boat!

Pretty good reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at

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other wooters: This showed up with all the wrong parts, spalding is sending replacements but taking about a week.

If you look close you will see it’s a Spalding.
Are you dizzy yet ?
Get a hoop set and you never know where it may lead !

I bought one of these the last time they were wooted. I already had a post set in concrete that was the same diameter (4.5"). I took some measurements, drilled some holes, and bolted this backboard and mechanism to the existing post, and it’s great. A very nice upgrade for a reasonable price. I did read the “pour the concrete into the post” instructions and thought they were a bit peculiar - but doing it that way would guarantee that you could easily remove the post should you ever want to do so.

Hey woot staff, any chance you’ll be selling the Spalding 88454g model like you sold back in march again anytime soon? Just curious, I’m on the fence with this one and will wait if that model might come up again soon.