Spare me the vitriol but answer my question please

For the past couple/few weeks I’ve looked for Ramyb’s submissions but there are none. Am I overlooking, is s/he on vacation or ???

If you wanta flame, please start a flame thread- I just want an answer.


derby 222

derby 223

derby 224

If you go to it has a setting “follow an artist”. You can set it up to send you an email when that artist submits an entry. That’s how I know when no1 enters the derby each week, since he rarely posts links to his entries.

Thanks. I’ll take a look and figure out how i overlooked these. I find that’s easy to do on my phone- must install new memory and get desktop up and running.

Never knew that. Good info Joe - I just set that up for several of you guys. I always forget to go look and vote

like i enter more often than 2 or three times a year now.