SpareOne GSM Emergency Mobile Phone

**Item: **SpareOne GSM Emergency Mobile Phone
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Hey all, when I was researching this in preparation for this sale, I thought this video did a good job of explaining it. It’s kinda boring but it’s worth a watch.


Here are some pretty decent reviews
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This looks great to keep in the glove box for an emergency situation! I’m going to read some other reviews - see what others think - but just for the 911 ability seems worth it!

Read (and watch) this info courtesy of cnet

Price is a bit high for a phone. Sure, it runs on a AA, but you can get the electronics to bump up the voltage for almost nothing.

Any GSM phone (remember those old candy bar Nokias?) will do the job of an emergency 911 phone for a lot less money. The main difference with this one is that it can run off an AA battery, and a lithium AA has a very long shelf life.

very helpful. thanks

A gadget worthy of batman himself is ok in my book. In for two.

For those that have this:

Do you have a prepaid/ pay as you go SIM card specifically for this emergency phone? Or do you plan to remove the SIM card from your phone to make calls?

Or do you only plan to use emergency call features and therefore not plan to use this with SIM card?

I ask this because I plan to not only call emergency services, but also family/friends who need to be informed/might be able to help.

My car broke down the other day after I picked up my daughter from daycare and my iphone was down to 20% charge. It was a scary situation because I had limited power to call insurance company for tow, wife to inform, a friend who lived nearby to see if he can help bring my daughter home to her mommy, and all the subsequent calls for updates.

This would have been helpful.

Why not just carry an emergency backup power source for your existing phone?®-AA-Powered-Backup-Charger-USB-Powered/dp/B003MA1C34

It appears this actually a discontinued item:

It has been replaced with the SpareOne Plus:

Don’t get me wrong, I have a number of external phone battery packs including a Mophie juicepack that’s attached to my phone.

However, in an emergency situation my brain and physical dexterity go out the window. Having to fumble around connecting another device will be problematic.

For me, having a battery pack means using it, or at least being able to.

At least with something dedicated like this I could leave it in my (not-too-hot) car or backpack and I won’t be tempted to exhaust it on an epic game of Words with Friends just before disaster strikes.

What if i needed to use while i was being attacked? I have to turn it on and have it beep loudly three times? The people attacking me would know where i am hiding!

Wouldn’t that be an issue? If the location function only works with a sim card, wouldn’t that make this almost useless as an emergency phone? If it needs a SIM, I would think this could be done far cheaper with a go phone.

As one of the Amazon reviewers noted, and websites like confirm, the GSM network is being phased out.

You will better off purchasing a Satilite phone that has the same battery Spec’s with more option’s. Example; {Solar charge capability, Global positioning, Plus an emergency Locator Signal}. It does cost more, but will work in all Countries, Even in Bum-F*!ked} area’s of our Mother Earth.