Sparq by Saberlight Plasma Beam Lighter - 2 pack

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Sparq by Saberlight Plasma Beam Lighter - 2 pack
Price: $29.99
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Condition: New


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what type battery? li-ion?

Yes yes, this is one of four plasma lighters reviewed by CuttySlick this week. Let’s watch him crack it open

Li-on according to Amazon. Priced at $19.95 each.

“RECHARGEABLE - Sparq houses a rechargeable lithium ion cell instead of fuel.”

Can the lid be completely removed? I have the old model; with the hinged lid and it’s impossible to light things such as candles inside jars.

Let see… I can buy two for $35 + tax and get a 90 day warranty or, as a Prime member I can buy one for $19.95 + tax and get a lifetime warranty … hmmm.

From the descripton:
It has been completely re-imagined, re-designed and re-engineered so that it can be used with ANYTHING.

Not to mention it’s pay 35 and get two in a week or pay 20 and get one Saturday

Based on the photo at the mothership, the hinge is supported by a pin so it can’t be easily removed and replaced.

One would think if you’re going to make a lipstick lighter you would make the cap friction fit rather than hinged.

FYI - As it turns out it’s $19.95 and no tax for my state, w/Sat. delivery. I only need one lighter but, if you need or want two, Woot’s deal will indeed save you money … approx. $3.15 over buying two from mothership w/Prime membership. But if someone spends the extra $3.15 for two and they both crap out “anytime” after 3 months (and what’s the chance of that) supposedly they’ll get $39.90** back. That’s worth the extra $3.15 to me, but to each their own. But I only need one lighter and, since I’d say there’s a good chance it will fail sometime after 3 months, I’ll at least end up getting my $19.95** back instead of just a poorly designed paperweight.

**To be fair: you need to subtract the shipping cost to return the lighter(s). So you’d likely only get $13 back for one, and approx. $33 for two.

From the photos the lid looks hinged to me. Sorry :frowning:

yeah gooey

Oh, you spoiled kids!

I think they use these on the International Space Station, for when they step outside for a smoke. If I’m not mistaken

Naturally. An open flame is the last thing you want inside of a space ship, and it’s really hard to get a butane lighter to work in a vacuum.

[edit]Also I have one of the earlier “Zippo”-style designs, and it’s fantastic. This redesign fixes most of the shortcomings.

I wonder how effective this would be as a short range stun gun / cattle prod.

That youtube review of the 4 plasma lighters is great. Thanks for posting that. These days I come to woot more to be entertained by the community pages than I do for the mediocre deals.

And that is why amazon owns woot. Something that probably would not have entered your mind today and now we’re talking about rush delivery.

This device is $10 cheaper on Amazon (the owner of woot). What gives?

Now, if only they could get that plasma beam to extend out about 3 feet & make a really cool humming sound when I swung it around. That would be an awesome lighter…