Sparq by Saberlight Plasma Beam Lighter - 2 pack

Got these from last Woot. They are absolutely awesome. Very neat novelty piece but actually does what it claims and very well. It’s very well thought out too with the thin design and lid with magnet to hold it open. And the plasma arcs look at least as cool as the pics, if not cooler and more pink than blue. A single charge lasts a long time.

This is one occasion where you DO want to cross the streams!

These are $16.99 each on the mother ship with prime. So buying 2 on Woot for $29.99 only saves you $3.98. Cool lighters but not a great deal.

I got the other plasma lighters Woot had a while back. Those are nice, but they emit a serious high-pitched noise when lighting something. It bothers both me and the pup.

Do these emit that same noise?

Intriguing but when I look at the Amazon reviews, I believe I am seeing tons of extremely similar 5-star reviews. Two sentences, grammar errors, universally excited praise, etc. I may just be paranoid, but the BS meter went off immediately.
I bought the Saberlight rectangular black lighters a few times as novelty gifts and they work well, cost about the same, and have the hinged lid that gets in the way at times. These seem to have solved the lid issue, so they are tempting, but it’s Woot!, so no returns…

Ah yes that’s the one thing I forgot to mention. The arcs do produce a slight sound something around the 15k Hz that might bother a few. I kinda like it; sounds just that much more exotic.

List price of $149.99, it makes you wonder how woot is even making money on such an extreme discount! :expressionless:

Manufacturer might be a bit of a dreamer. LOL

Says it is TSA approved. but lighters are TSA approved only in the “TSA Approved container” and only in checked baggage. anyone know if these are approved for carry-on? I can’t find anything about there that specifies either way

It passes fakespot.

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Sparq by Saberlight Plasma Beam Lighter - 2 pack
Price: $24.99
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Thank you! I ordered 2 sets.