Sparq by Saberlight Plasma Beam Lighter - 2 pack

does the container of tinder shown in the photo come with it? the description doesn’t mention it

I have one of these. It works. I would not say it is better than a regular lighter in conditions where using a regular lighter is easy.
However, it works really well in conditions where regular lighters don’t work. Like on windy boats.

From the Specs tab:
In the Box:

2 Sparq rechargeable dual plasma beam lighters
2 USB charging Cables
2 Gift Boxes

No, it’s not included.

Are these TSA approved for Carry-on baggage. All the TSA sites talk about lighters (with flames) needing to be in TSA-approved containers, and can only be in checked baggage. Was wondering since these don’t really have flames if they are allowed for carry-on. TSA sites are no help on this (but it’s a government operation, so that’s expected)

going to go out on a limb and speculate that it’s because they’re not specifically not allowed. i.e. flame-based lighters must be checked, but these are just “electronic gadgets” and no one’s made a rule about them yet

I’m confused. I ordered these lighters and received the rectangular form instead of the cylindrical one depicted. I was issued a refund (and thanks for that Woot!) but has anyone else had this issue? I’m guessing these are being shipped from somewhere other than Woot’s warehouses and they little or no control over what a 3rd party ships. thoughts?

I would agree with that assessment. If there is no rule against it, it’s legal. That’s how government works in general. There was some genius out there who created “a firearm” that is easily mistakable for being a short or sawed off shotgun. But by careful analysis of the official definitions of various firearm types, they skirted all of the NFA rules to create that beast. In the civilian world, it’s okay to apply rules under the spirit [intent] of the rules, but when it’s government and potential for prison time exists, it’s appropriate to not read the rules loosely. But the rules do change. :slight_smile:

I received the rectangular ones as well, though I did not pursue a refund.

You should have received what the sale showed. I’m asking the buyer to look into it. Thank you for letting us know.

Got one of these from Woot, and as an experienced cigar smoker, I must say this thing is not really capable of properly lighting a cigar. The design of the plasma tip makes it akin to lighting a cigar with the lit end of a cigarette. You can’t use it to toast the end before full lighting, and you have to tap multiple spots until it is fully lit. This results in an uneven burn, even if you scatter the lighting pattern. About the only use for it would be (as mentioned earlier) in high wind, which isn’t good for cigars anyway.

I received the rectangular ones as well. A total no go for cigars, I expect.

Argh. I’m sorry. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

I also received the square ones. I wanted them to light candles but the lid on the lighters get in the way. ( The candles are in small jars.) That would not happen if I received the cylinder ones as shown, so I ended up giving them away as gifts.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance. Make sure you let us know when there’s an error like that.