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You want this shirt but missed it? Catch it later here

Well, it’s about time someone figured out how to use that swamp green to create something interesting again.

Too creepy for me to wear… like the funky colors though.

This is a crazy, great design. too bad it’s on olive. I like the idea a lot though :slight_smile:

Edit: Today (monday at midnight) is the last day for my shirt wooters / Get it if you want it.

swamp thang.

i would buy this, but i already have TOO MANY olive tees, pfft.

Dagon be blessed thats a lot of ugly fish!

Great shirt. Best design in a long time.

Nice to see another color for a change. I know some folks don’t like the Olive, but it certainly seems right for this image.

But…a fish shirt…guess that means my koi daily is going to be a “no go”. Back to the tablet… :slight_smile:

great design!!!

just bad choice of shirt color

pea poop green

anyone else see the creature totally looks like it has saggy boobs…hmmm just a thought

passes and goes to bed

Congratulations Goldfish…I have your Candy Corn shirt. You had a great run with it!

Supremely cool design. I couldn’t see it on any other color shirt. Well done, twallis.

I dare anyone to complain that this shirt is “too girly!” :slight_smile: This has got little Y chromosomes swimmin’ everywhere. L O L!

Yuck. Well, here’s a shirt for the ones complaining that 2 of the last derby winners were too girly.

dammit…i was hoping for a crappy shirt week so i wasn’t tempted, but this shirt rules!

grr…gonna have to be in for 1 methinks. DAMN YOU SHIRTWOOT!

And exactly what other color would you complainers suggest? it’s perfect!

Indeed. It’s a swamp creature people. Olive Green, what could work better? Also their little legs look like they’d be tasty fried up, like frog legs… mmmmm…

should’ve bought the one from yesterday :frowning:
i guess its a cool graphic, just not my style

You can get it here for $15: