Speak & Brew Voice Operated 10 Cup Coffee Maker

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Speak & Brew Voice Operated 10 Cup Coffee Maker
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I already have one, its nice, but sometimes talks back. It’s my wife.

can you hear me now

Sounds awesome but i don’t drink coffee!!

I have coffee in the morning … This thing is voice activated, but I seriously doubt that it understands incoherent, hangover induced cursing!

Does it understand

Where’s my f*ing coffee. I could get one for my boss.

I hope these are more dependable then my cell phone speak dial.

Me - Dial John

Cell Phone - Calling 911 now

Dear Woot,

I have money to burn for a change and nothing is enticing me to press the “I want one” button. Well the BOC did, but the server never let me get past the button. I’m sure there is some irony in there somewhere.

Wait, so you’re saying; WOOT is offering your wife for 29.99? In for 1!

Ok, a voice operate coffee machine would be awesome, but do we really need it? I guess if you’re a lonely person in desperate need of some kind of interaction, human or not, this would be for you. I think the novelty would wear out quickly, depending on how well the voice recognition works.


It might actually be useful for someone, perhaps elderly, that cannot program their own consumer electronics.

thats just stupid

I have been thinking all damn day, “Come on woot… I need a new coffee pot.” and here it finally is. Yay.

Relieved that it isn’t just my phone that does this.

Here a different kind of a voice activated Coffee Maker


I got one last woot off, I don’t drink coffee but it makes it easy for my friends and family who visit, I just tell them to tell it when you want coffee… Always fun to see who figures out that they have to hit the button to actually set it first before they start yelling at it :stuck_out_tongue:

You married a coffee maker? How odd.

Well now we know why they chose to market it on woot…

What a deal… geez… for the lazy person who doesn’t want to get up… I suppose THAT person got a bag of crap!