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I used to sell that Polk center channel speaker. It’s a beast. Better than some higher-end brands IMO. Sold the Polk subwoofers too. Darn nice, though I pushed Velodyne.

Hello WOOT community. I am Arin with Pinnacle Speakers, TEAM LEADER consumer division. Pinnacle is a family owned and operated USA based company, established in 1976. That’s 38 years and running for the “arithmetically challenged”…but seriously, we are famous in the Speaker and consumer electronics industry and known specifically for superior performance, innovative engineering and old fashioned, personal service. We have products ranging from affordable “BUDGET AUDIOPHILE” to TRUE AUDIOPHILE up to $8,000. (Model BD 2500 Lacquer 2014 edition) We offer these exclusive deals to WOOT as no brainer, buy it now, snooze or lose opportunity.

I will be here monitoring the forum to assist in answering any and all questions regarding our products. I have been with Pinnacle for 9 years and I will proudly tell you,we make terrific products. I am quite knowledgeable about our products and speakers in general, but if something is technically beyond me, I have access to one of our audio engineers for the highly technical questions. There is no such thing as a “DUMB” question. These are complicated decisions. If you have a question, please ask. Chances are your question will also help many other Woot forum people.

I am a specialist in Pinnacle, although I cannot speak for other company products, I can try to assist in building a system with our products and some existing items you may already own.


Hi, Arin with Pinnacle here to provide some insight to some of these products.


This is an upgraded and updated version of SFITMON 450. It is significantly upgraded particularly in the bass department because it uses our own patented port design. (Rear vented) WOOT has a market EXCLUSIVE on this patented edition for 2014 on this item.

BD 2500 FLAGSHIP: This is the best we have to offer, and we offer great product. This version has a lavish Piano Lacquer Finish that is meticulously produced over 1 weeks time. The cabinets go through 40 steps to produce the beautiful Piano Lacquer finish. We use the best drivers and crossovers in this design. It is personally approved and engineered by our President and chief of enginering. Rich R is himself a drummer, audiophile and a fanatic for value. We think these are well worth $8,000. WOOT event price of $2,000 would have our President pull the trigger on these. An absolute STEAL!

SUBSONIC and BABY BOOMER: These are hands down the best performing small footprint powered subwoofers on the market in the under $1,000 category. We understand many people want deep, powerful and dynamic bass for music and movies, yet the room is small or, you have neighbors, an apartment, condo, etc. THese are BEST IN CLASS small footprint powered subwoofers. They both use dual (2) active woofers, high powered amps necessary to drive the 2 woofers and will absolutely astonish you for the bass derived in a subwoofers about the size of a sheet of paper! Pinnacle knows bass, our President is a drummer.

Hi Arin - So these here on Woot! are actually the 450+ series found here? http://www.pinnaclespeakers.com/S-FIT_MON_450plus.html

Hi, yes that is correct and only WOOT has them.

Sold! Thanks, Arin!


I have a Harman Kardon AVR3700 7.2 Channel with the following speaker setup:

front: Infinity Classia C336

center: Infinity Cascade Model 5

subwoofers: Infinity BU1 and Pinnacle PS Sub 225

surround: Infinity Reference 2000.2

Which model, S-FIT LCR 250 or S-FIT MON 450 would work best to add the rear surround channel to my system? I mostly watch movies and play PS3 and Xbox games in surround. The theater room is rectangular (TV to rear longer than side to side) and about 1000 sq ft (around 50 x 20).


Hi Rob and thanks for the question,

In researching your system it appears the current rear channel infinity reference 2000.2 has specs most closely aligned with our SFITMON 450. I am basing this on the low end response of 50 Hz on the infinity product. With our SFIT MON 450 Patented edition, the rear and side channels would be closely aligned. Further, for gaming you would appreciate the better level of bass.

Thanks for your question I hope this helps,



I would love to see a frequency response and impedance plot for these.


Thanks, I was kinda leaning towards that solution myself.


it really saddens me that of all the speakers listed, the pioneers are the ones that are sold out. i keep thinking that’s like seeing a woot plus for sam adams, newcastle, shiner bock, sierra nevada, but the miller lite is sold out. really??

Interestingly, Polk has a deal going on at Amazon where you get that subwoofer for free if you buy 500 bucks worth of other Polk speakers. Either way, very temping.

Have you listened to any of the Andrew Jones designed Pioneer speakers? By your response, I’m guessing not.

No, they’re not the last word in high-end audio, but they are dang good for their price. I was shocked the first time I heard the smallest bookshelves in the lineup. They aren’t in the same league as my BBC ls3/5a’s, but they definitely punched above their price point.

As to the beers on you mentioned; many beer snobs rank those on about the same level as Miller Lite (not me, I dink it all).

For many years the non-speaker companies and massive consumer electronic company’s have thrown in the towel knowing that they simply cannot compete in developing speakers that come close to the performance of the American, Canadian and European brands. These companies may be real good at electronics or TV’s, but they suck at speakers. For years they thought they could do it, but now they know that designing good speakers is more than just getting a nice frequency range graph. That is why, Pioneer went outside their company to hire a speaker engineer, named Andrew Jones. Maybe they are OK or even real good speakers that Pioneer put their name on. But really, would you want to buy a WOLFGANG PUCK designed meal sold by McDonald’s? There are some really terrific products here by serious speaker companies who develop their own products from within and do not hire some designer cause they do not have the talent on staff. Pioneer makes great TV’s and electronics, they have to outsource for speaker talent. Why not stick to the speaker companies who know that best? Listed here Mirage, Pinnacle, Polk are some of the legends of audio speaker brands. Best to go with those who have decades of solid speaker reputations.

I was wondering how the BD-2500’s would compare to the OMD-28’s. They are both flagship speakers with radically different designs. The use would be in a 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 setup in a dedicated room (10’ x 10’ x 8’ with a low angled ceiling). I have a few different subs to pair them with including a baby boomer (where’s the Rhino line Arin?? And is that more designed for home theater or music?)

The Pinnacle seem to have more of a classic design (though front ported instead of rear ported like the Sfits - why is that?) while the Mirage has more of a unique design, which from what I have read presents a broader soundstage but can be difficult to place.

I’m sure I can drive either of the speakers with the amps I have available but I was wondering if there was a way identify which might be more suitable for the space and what some of the differences might be without buying both. Any information is much appreciated!

Hi, thanks for the questions. I will do my best to clarify the BD 2500. I am unable to speak about the Mirage product.

Here is a link to a 5 star review which included the BD 1000 Tower, 2 steps down from BD 2500. Above the BD 1000 at the time was BD 2000 and the Flagship BD 2500. Now we have a new Flagship, presented here, BD 2500 Piano LAquer


As is consistant in all black Diamond series designs, these are the best Pinnacle has to offer. Up and down this line we consistantly earn exceptional rave reviews from the most critical industry press. Including this February months issue of Sound and Vision Magazine where we obtain another 5 star review on BD series products.

Our design is slightly forward tilting, yet not overbearing in the high end. The midrange is articulate, exceptionally detailed by using a spectacular dedicated midrange driver. Bass is impressive as we use 2 active 6.5" drivers, which allow for fast response. That means they will play accurately for music, and loud and powerful for Home Theater. The real question and one most would never know to ask is this:

Who designed the complex crossover needed to merge 5 drivers in a balanced way? The answer is our President, RICH R, who is a crossover design expert. So, using great parts alone cannot get this job done. It is the need to blend the components just perfectly for the best result. We leave that delicate task to Rich, who himself has over 40 years of speaker design experience and owns 2 US patents. So, regarding our product, it will be without question a remarkable experience to listen to. It is designed for music first, home theater 2nd. The theory being music is much more involved to capture well in a good speaker design. The nuances of music are far more complex than voices, or sound effects in Home theater/movies. So, once the music side is done, the Home Theater side is pretty easy.

Rich himself is a drummer and audiophile. We cannot put out a FLAGSHIP product representative of Pinnacle’s finest efforts without the President personally getting very involved.

And he did.

As such, the issue is not so much what design approach we use, or antoehr company uses, but how the final result comes out. In the case of BD 2500, I can absolutely assure you it is designed for being flexible in all room types and will amaze in bass depth midrange detail and high end sizzle.

Already owning the BABY BOOMER is just that much better.

Our BD 2500 Piano lacquer are brand new for 2014. WOOT promo priced significantly below thier intended market price.

As always, with the purchase of our product will be my continued personal access should any issues arise. You can reach me by asking for Arin @
INFO@PINNACLESPEAKERS.com. So I am personally here if needed after the sale.



Arin -
Do you have an opinion on banana plugs vs bare speaker wire? what method would you use to get the best performance out of your speakers. Also, I was wondering about the best placement and recommendations that you would have regarding a center channel speaker. I don’t see a pinnacle available on this sale.

Will someone please respond to CRM:0017157 on the woot support side? I respond within hours to support inquiries and woot takes weeks to respond. This has been open since Dec. 15.

It is in reference to the pair of BD 2500s arriving with a 1.5" in diameter dent along the edge of the piano lacquer finish. Near identical damage to the Pinnacle Supersonic Sub I ordered months ago. Are these Pinnacles new or factory seconds? I like the sound from these but am a bit disappointed in the condition upon unboxing. It’s like someone bumped a forklift into the edge of the piano lacquer finish. The boxes they arrived in aren’t damaged so it isn’t the shipping.


[MOD: Please email support@woot.com for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service. ]

Banana plugs generally, from my knowledge are mostly a matter of easy connecting as they snap directly to the binding posts. So if you want to connect the speaker wire quickly, maybe discnnect and move the speakers, banana plugs make that very simple. It may also be a more secure fit.

Now, regarding center channel placement, there are several good options. Typically somewhere close to ear level when sitting is best. On or above the TV if wall mounted, or in front of the TV if table top mounted.

No Pinnacle Center channel options this sale,if you purchase BD 2500 look for BD 300 in a future WOOT event.