Speak(ers) To Me

Hi and sorry for your trouble WOOT only sells brand new factory packed Pinnacle product and unfortunately, it seems you have shipping /trucker damage. Please follow the procedures from Woot regarding this.


I have some additional information for you. In a small 10’x10’ room and considering you already own the BABY BOOMER, we think there are 2 additional strong options for you.


BD 500 paired to your BAby Boomer would give you an excellent 2.1 system.


Sfit twr1050 also paired to your Baby Boomer is another excellent approach. The best results with BD 2500 are in a larger room area, particularly in the bass. So, if you have a larger room or the 10 x 10 space adjoins a larger area, BD 2500 would be terrific. But, if the system is contained within the 10 x 10 space, the full effect of BD 2500 would be hard to achieve. If it were me, I would purchase BD 500 at these price levels and add them to the BABY BOOMER. Upgrade from there if needed.


Hi Arin,
Thanks for the additional feedback. I already have a pair of both the BD500’s and the Sfit1050’s as well as the BD200’s and the LCR’s but I was really looking to get into some flagship speakers. The largest room in my house is 12’ x 12’ and the whole house in only 950 square feet so I don’t think I will be coming up with more space anytime soon.

Is there a wah to dial down the bass on the BD2500’s. I could utilize an external electronic crossover and filter the low end (50hz or 80 Hz) to the sub? With rear ported speakers, the bass can be adjusted by moving the speaker closer and further from the wall, I’m guessing the front ported design won’t allow for that? I really appreciate the discussion and your time, thanks Arin! Let me know your thoughts on the crossover / positioning ideas.

I don’t understand your analogy; I would be thrilled to get a Wolfgang Puck meal at a McDonalds price…

Yes, there are many brands that have a long pedigree of quality speakers. Pioneer is not one of those brands! Why, though, must that diminish the fact that they now have a quality product, designed by a known expert, that sells at an affordable price?

Bringing in Andrew Jones was a genius move. Sure, that’s admitting you don’t have the talent without him. What’s wrong with that? I read an interview where he stated that this project was just us fun and rewarding as his most expensive design (TAD Reference One at almost $80k). How cool is that; he’s proud of his cheap speakers that bring decent sound to the masses!!!

automatically dismissing a speaker solely based on the brand name is nothing more than audiophile snobbery. Again, I’m not at all stating that these are the last word in high-end, but they do produce a pleasant sound at an affordable price. What’s not to like about that?

Polk Audio R150 2-Way Bookshelf Loudspeakers (Pair)
>> careful people, price check price check price check. I was interested in these speakers but at $119 they are not even close to competitive with other retailers. What??? WOOT?

And so we have different philosophies. No I am not an audio snob, I believe companies that are experts at what they do and have long historical track records DESERVE the business. Especially American brands of which 2 orf the 3 high end speaker companies are American based, where Pioneer is Japanese.

Maybe you think it is fine for your favorite baseball team to buy all star talent and win the world series, I like to see a team that built itself up. Today maybe Andru Jones designed a good speaker, it is a hit or miss, Polk, Mirage and Pinnacle have hardly no misses in 20+ years with all 3 of them. To me, it is a no brainer what company gets my business.

What else is Andrew Jones going to say in an interview?

“I really wanted all the money they gave me for using my name and that is so exciting for me”

Would the Pinnacle subwoofer on sale here be a good match for the 5-element STWR12s bought on previous Woot? If not, what would you recommend?

I think you can do a couple things.
Actually, the ported design will have stronger bass in the corner and about 6" from the wall. Moving the speakers towards the center of the room and more than 1 foot from the wall will decrease bass.

This is radical, but you can actually remove 1 woofer and disconnect the lower woofer in the array by disconnecting the wires. Then put the woofer back in the cabinet but it will not be active. Then, taper the Baby Boomer to the tower witn 1 less woofer. You can also decrease the bass on the receiver by lowering it to less than midway. So negative bass throught the receiver is also a good option.

I am confident amongst these options you will be able to get the bass level and depth you want.



There are 2 good subwoofers in this event that mate well to SFITTWR 1050. Both the BABY BOOMER AND SUBSONIC are excellent choices. Baby Boomer has deeper bass, so if the room is larger tilt toward BABY BOOMER>

Otherwise, they are both excellent options.

Hi Arin,
I have the bd 500’s about to arrive. I’ll be using them as front speakers for now. What cross over frequency do you recommend on my reciever for best sound and life. I’m currently running a def tech 1000 center at 100 hz and a bic f12 sub at 120hz. I’ll appreciate any good info you can offer.

Hey Arin, I bought this and now I’m having issues with it not working as it should. Who do I contact/How do I contact for the warranty stuff?