Speaker of the Crap (Title by Mikeellis)

This day is starting out great! I just got a BOC and my kids start school tomorrow (well technically today). Much to Celebrate!

have you got a BOC any time in the past week by chance?

“Vestibule”, you say???


got one

What happened? I sat down on my computer, happened to refresh woot, BOC came up, had to log in since I wasn’t, still there, made the order, still there, confirmed, still there, got the confirmation email! I’m happily perplexed! :slight_smile:

I had the same exact thing happen to me. I got out of the vestibule and clicked buy now and waited for the order to be confirmed before being told my order was cancelled.

It’s all new. Seems like y’all didn’t like us calling y’all cheaters. Which was a completely incorrect message to give so we fixed it.


I’m completely lost here. Sat here refreshing and didn’t even see the crap go up for sale? What am I missing? Am I looking in the wrong place?

me three!!!

Are they just popping up or is there a secret game? I think I should start hanging out over here more often than facebook!

Hrrrm I knew I smelled a woot off - butI see no BOC today :frowning:

Nope, emailed them, they said they ran out while processing.

Woo!! Formerly Devastated Daughter of gotfrogs here! This time I made my own account and everything, and i won again! Hopefully this time I’ll actually get my BOC :stuck_out_tongue:

Join us in the big kids thread!


And also: