Speaker Smorgasbord



I know I’d vote for a pot pie, if this were a poll. But it isn’t, so let’s talk about these speakers instead.


Can iPhone connect to this speaker? …I am obviously not an electronic guru


The CHT912 soundbar is $2 more at Walmart? I guess you save tax or something, but I can return things at Walmart.


Which speaker?


I find it extremely unsettling that none of these show up on Craig’s product web-site. No Sale!


Craig Portable Speaker Dock CR4189 - cheaper at Amazon ($13.84) plus free shipping with Prime


Craig is still in business? Wow. They were a small time manufacturer of crap in the 80s and 90s. I’m surprised they’re still in business. Their stuff is probably still crap now.


It shows an iPod docked in the Dual Alarm Clock, but it doesn’t say anywhere that is actually charges the thing while in it…

@tnizani The Dual Alarm Clock does show up on Craig’s website, I found it with a google search.



I found these two- didn’t look for the others… the problem I have it finding the physical dimensions… anywhere




I’m not sure if we got samples but let me ping the buyer and see what we can find out.

Update: All the sales have dimensions now. Go buy 3.


On the clock radio… Is the remote included? I don’t see it pictured. Or maybe that’s why it $32…? Just curious.

Edit: apologies… overlooked “in the box”
good deal.


No, Kitty this is my pot pie. :wink:

I was tempted to pick up the retro themed dock but it’s really just a poor man’s Tivoli (Henry Kloss) or Sangean. Of course, the better machines are way overpriced (especially considering that the latter two are both made in China along with this one) so you’re probably better off with the Craig for the price.


Can someone comment on the sound quality of the bluetooth soundbar and tower speakers.


Anybody else have any luck finding any reviews? BT speakers are typically $50+, if it sounds like I have wax paper stretched over a toilet paper tube then it doesn’t do any good no matter how cheap it is.


Does the alarm-clock radio have an on/off button? I purchased a “wake to iPod” previously and that was literally all it was. There is no way to just listen to the iPod out of it without setting (and resetting) the alarm.

ETA: for clarification the Craig Alarm Clock Radio CMB3215


I have the non-BT version of the tower and the sound is pretty good. I just wish my tower would take my iPad as well as iPhone. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


exactly this.


The few reviews I was able to find online for similar Craig products were not pretty. Not pretty at all.


I believe I found some reviews for the BT Tower.

Although they look fishy…