Speakers & Docks

I bought the Mobi’s (Butter’s from SP). One for me and one for a gift (at a higher price). After charging for more than required time, it became clear it was DOA. I opened the other one (thankfully I opened the bad one first and didn’t give it as a gift). The second one works, but only for about an hour or so on full charge.
It is quiet, but maybe worth the cheap price on here. I’m not gonna buy anymore. That said, the company gave excellent customer service when I informed them of the problem.

woot helps you out but Ihome is a terrible company to deal with .

I love love love love my Onkyo SBX-300 iOnly BASS Dock! So much that in the last sale, I bought a second for my bedroom.

Solid sound, plus charging ipads is a huge plus.

Works better then my iHome clock radio!