Speakman Bathroom Accessories

I kinda miss when Woot! had affordable “good deals”…

These ARE good deals. It’s hard to find even a single towel bar for these prices (depending on the quality, finish, etc) at your local home improvement store. You get the whole set here.

If this stuff is anything like Speakman’s shower heads, it’s good stuff. What a shame, then, that the towel bars are all 18", instead of the 24" that I have in my bathroom.

Do as I did. The shorted towel bar for dry towels, and a towel knob for a wet towel. That way you know which is used.

That’s a good idea. However, I use thick bath sheets, which never dry unless they are allowed to spread out. Even a two-foot bar is shorter than I’d like, but what can I do…

Tiny cheap low quality disappointed. Missing the old woot that had one great deal instead of many not so great deals. I could have got this at Walmart.