Speakman: Bathroom Parts

Looks like all of the faucets are in the polished chrome finish, although the Refresh faucet doesn’t specify. Are any of the faucets available in a brushed nickel finish?


This shower head is the best one you’ll ever buy. I have them throughout my house. You won’t be disappointed.

I’ve been eyeing a Speakman shower head since I used one for a week at a Residence Inn, but that one isn’t one of these.

So what exactly are the finishes on some of these? These ones don’t specify:

Speakman S-2540-PN Neo Collection Shower Arm & Flange
Speakman S-2252-AF-BP Anystream Icon 6-Jet Showerhead

The Shower Arm & Flange says “finished with a high luster polished chrome or brushed nickel finish”. But there didn’t seem to be an option when added to my cart. Which is it?

I am in for three of the Speakman S-3032.

The primary head for one of the dual-head units I got from Woot almost two years ago came flying off yesterday during my shower. My old showerhead screwed right on in it’s place but doesn’t match (or work very well). So, this is a cheap way to get back in business and have a backup for my other units.

Which shower head are you talking about?

Well, I asked about the finishes on the products that don’t have them listed. I was told they don’t know. That’s right, they don’t know what finish the products they are selling have.

Just wanted to pass that on. Don’t hold your breath (and probably hold on to your money unless you’re willing to take a huge risk that it’ll match what you already have).

The finish is polished chrome, but the materials are mostly plastic.

Brass/metal: Screws, internal spray plunger, side gear where the handle attaches, plumbing attachment, and swivel part.

Plastic: Actual showerhead body (plastic with chrome finish), showerhead face (gray matte plastic), handle (plastic with chrome finish).

The SKU on the blister pack was different, too - S-2252-PC-BP not S-2252-AF-BP.

Though hey, the blister pack claims “solid brass body”. So there’s something weird here with what woot sold.

Talking with Speakman’s corporate office to find out if these were knockoffs or just a misleading product description on woot’s part.

Either way not worth your money if you bought into these - they’re hardly the buy-it-for-life quality of the old Speakmans (or presumably the real ones they sell for $70).