Speakman: Enwetten Yourself

what is it made of? We bought a different brand and it rusted like crazy.

Yeah, I have the same concern as I too have experienced rusting with other rods. I’m going to buy it because of the lifetime warranty. Yep I’m gonna chance it - what the hell, $45

I can’t tell if this rod is stainless steel or not. I don’t see that in the description. The descriptions on other sites say the stainless steel rod is rust resistant. This one looks like the other stainless steel ones.

Target and Walmart have similar ones to these for between $20 and $25. I bought two when I moved, two different styles. Neither required screwing into the wall, both are tension fit, and work a treat.

Bought a moen curved one about a month ago and it was cheaper and better than this one. bought it on amazon

Folks, I don’t understand any of these comments. There is no stainless steel here - the fixtures are all solid brass with chrome plating. Speakman is a very high quality brand and these prices are less than half of what the items sell for elsewhere. Check it out on Amazon.

Just thought I should followup as my rods arrived today - 6/14/14. I realize there was concern about rusting. Among the features on the box is a bullet that reads: Solid, all metal construction - Rust resistant. The box also indicated made in China like almost everything you buy in America today.