Speakman For Your Bathroom

At present, it loos like you may have some description, title, and picture discrepancies for some of these. Ones I’ve noticed:

“Speakman SI-F023 Marni Widespread Faucet, Polished Chrome” Pics look like brushed nickel, description says brushed nickel.

“Speakman SI-F013 Brenta Centerset Faucet, Polished Chrome” Pic looks like brushed nickel.

“Speakman SI-F014 Rega Single Lever Faucet, Polished Chrome” Pic looks like brushed nickel.

Thanks! We got the descriptions all fixed up now.

Doesn’t look like it, I still see some issues like the single lever that actually has two levers.

We’ll get that one fixed too!

It’s obviously time for me to go to sleep. I thought that woot was selling speakers that were also toilet paper dispensers. I’m sure those are available, but not here. At least not now.

Woot, when will you have the 10" oval shower head again? I require another. lol It was a no name brand one.

You never know! Keep your eyes peeled. :slight_smile:

Who got that tiny tubed TP roll on that chrome Alexandria?

Has anyone noticed, that just like so many other products, toilet paper too is SHRINKING??? I recently opened a new package and noticed that the roll was a HALF INCH shorter than the one I’d just taken off the holder (same type/brand).

It’s sliding back and forth on there like an abacus bead worse than ever. All so the manufacturer can cut costs/increase profits without the consumer realizing they’re paying more.

I actually wrote to P&G about this and here’s what they said:

“• We added some fibers back into each sheet – so you have more fibers per square inch in the center “performance zone” where you need them most to get the job done.
• The reduced width improves the flushability because being slightly narrower allows the tissue to clear the bowl and drain lines more easily.
• The wet strength technology ensures the same wet strength as before but allows the tissue to decay faster after flushing.”

Laughing yet?

Anyway, the way things are going, I wonder whether these TP holders will eventually be of an obsolete size.

The Speakman S-2005-HB-BN-E2 Anystream rocks! Experienced this in a hotel room and it was great. I changed out all the heads in my showers a few years ago and this price is decent.